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At Seed to Shelf, we believe any chance to bring products to consumers with an aim towards sustainability is a gift to our collective future. That’s why we are committed to those companies who want to turn a sustainable “seed” into a product for our “shelves”.


Cynthia will be speaking at the SOHO Expo 2014(Orlando) on Friday, December 5: *Is Your Store Full of Toxins? What to Look for and Why You Should Know * When Huffington Post blogs this: “Terrifying Truth About the Toxins in Everyday Products”, customers are at your door with questions.They hear about endocrine disruptors such as BPA, Parabens, Triclosan and they come to you to explain. From floor staff to social media, our industry is inundated with questions about chemicals in our everyday products. Understand the science and solutions to safer options. From an endocrinology and sustainable business partnership, the University of Massachusetts’ experts will lead you through the minefield of what’s coming in chemical reform and its media coverage. Cynthia will invite current student and Executive Board Member of Protect Our Breasts, Lia Delaney, to share the science of the toxins from the endocrinology lab.

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